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The beginnings were with Romagna mats and seals for Italian cars (and others) from the Twenties through today. These products that are produced in series, or custom order with the use of a sample, satisfies the most demanding collectors and to enable professionals to complete satisfaction with every restoration.

For some Everest is a point of arrival. For others, a point of departure. As in the case of the Alfonsine Cicognani Srl, a leading Italian manufacturer of rubber gaskets and carpets for the automotive and only in activities in the niche of supplies for vintage cars. Evergomma, owner of Everest brand, was then a supplier of original equipment for all domestic car production. After the closure of Everest, Cicognani took over the ownership of all the molds of the time, in fact continuing production. Destination: spare parts. Even today, these gaskets represent a very valuable part of the restoration of cars of the past eras, which are almost always collectibles. But above all, thanks to the know-how acquired in that gone by period that even some of these original employees still work for the owner which allows Cicognani Srl to transfer these skills into current production and thanks to the acquisition of machinery once used by Everest, are able to realize today the same details of those times with the utmost fidelity and precision.

Fundamental aspects when talking about the restoration of a Ferrari or a Maserati listed on hundreds of thousands of euro, but not negligible when less is at stake is the originality of a "popular classic" of great sentimental value. 's Cicognani Srl has subsequently acquired two companies: Polymer Rubber (for cold-drawn) and the RIAT, the latter specializing in the field of raschiavetro and grooves scorrivetro velvet, keeping the production facilities used in the past. In this way it is able to provide a complete service to enthusiasts and specialists who need all the material necessary to complete a full restoration of the exterior and interior of a car tire. In addition, the Cicognani Srl manufactures specialist today working of particular complexity for customers in the automotive industry, especially in the case of concept- car, supercar produced in small series and experimental vehicles, thereby proving to be an established but always in step with the times and able to serve the most demanding commissions.


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Precisely the availability of the same equipment used on more than half a century ago Cicognani Srl allows you to produce the details of the cars of a time with maximum accuracy and fidelity: in the case of the most popular models, such as Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT (GT and Junior) and Spider (Duetto and later), Lancia Fulvia Coupe, Porsche 356, just to name a few, floor mats and door seals and crystals are in fact played in the series and stored, to be sold "ready for delivery" to all those who needed them, while in other cases, the availability of the molds that calls into production this or that particular, as soon as a customer so requires. Even today, according to the bells for the vulcanization of rubber, made ​​in Germany, purchased in 1966 for the production of mats for the Fiat branded obviously Everest. machinery that would be unthinkable today not only to replace it with one of the most recent production, but also just move elsewhere, because of their size and complexity.

The secret of Cicognani Srl is precisely the availability of molds and machinery of a time, widely amortized, able to realize those same mats, those same gaskets that equipped cars a normal time and valuable today. Building and manual adjustment of a matrix for profiles vanoporta (gt Alfa Giulia) Phase of opening and unloading the autoclave molding in vacuum.


Regarding the rubber mats, production destined for historic cars is of a few thousand pieces per year, provided within the kits comprising also all the other rubber parts and gaskets. Another secret of Cicognani Srl is the use of certified tires (Metzeler specifications and Fiat), high cost but almost no odor and high resistance to external agents, unlike competitive products, made ​​in China on behalf of clients in North America . Other specific molds are dedicated to the seals of the baffles, another problematic aspect in the restoration of vintage cars to the difficulty in obtaining spare parts. Thanks to reproductions of Cicognani Srl also this constraint is exceeded.

Easy to understand that those who demand the best for your car or for your own work as a restorer chooses the production Cicognani: it is no coincidence that some of the most important European and American conservators are requested Romagna company for supplies of mats and gaskets doors and windows, designed to bring back former splendor restored copies of prestigious models or popular. But this is not all there is to Cicognani Srl design department can realize in fact the door seals of all cars produced up to Today, thanks to the possibility to perform operations on the sample. In this way, all you need to do with the particular play to make a copy identical to the original. Certainly, today, thanks to modern design criteria to the computer with CAD-CAM systems, everything is less empirical and scientific. So much so that car manufacturers are turning to the prestigious Cicognani Srl for specific products highly specialized for ultra-fast cars, in which the seals of doors and windows combine to achieve aerodynamic excellence, at the base of the stunning performance of these cars. But the principle and the goal is the same: to create special pieces, high-tech or historic, unique or conform to the original, and allow the installation of a supercar or the completion of the restoration of a historic car.

Cicognani is a fan of classic cars and this detail is in itself a guarantee of the quality of the work done by his company. In some cases the cars in his collection have provided key pieces for the reproduction of those details not found anywhere else on the market. In this sense they are "benefactors" and other specimens of their respective owners.

Article by Alberto Franzoni. - AutoCapital

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