The Winter Lounge Is Revealed

Advances and innovations for the event now in its XXII edition continues to impress thousands of visitors

After the huge success of previous editions, the marcelloeventi prepares to surprise us with " The Winter Salon " , which for two days will delight lovers of vintage engines within the 

Fiera di Ferrara . Also this year there will be new stuff, from the date: "given the great number of events in this period," said Marcello Trevisan, director of marcelloeventi, "we decided to move the event to January 31, February 1, 2015 concentrating more exhibitors, with unique material and difficult to find; at the moment we are at about 300 registrations of exhibitors from all over the Peninsula. " 

Salon Winter 2015 - Bianchina

As a unique edition that we are going to see that, in the wake of the December 8th Great Market, will surprise us by joining a new face to the Italian flavor throughout this year's theme will be the 'Anniversary of Bianchi , pride flag that makes 130 years ; an exhibition at the expo will allow us to trace the history of this great brand, making us admire the creations of the legendary Edward White, from the very first bike up to the latest models. 

In collaboration with the Italian Registry Autobianchi also will be a staged exhibition in honor of the

60 years dell'Autobianchi , which will allow us to appreciate the cars that made ​​the history of Italian motorsport.

The protagonist, Canestrini Giovanni, a very special guest for these two days and one of the founders of the Mille Migli, author and journalist, who wrote the history of the car in Italy; he will be dedicated in a special corner of the fair.

It does not end here, however, the surprises: you can in fact, on both days, participate in a small training meetings held by specialists, who will explain the world of vintage vehicles in all its facets, from the romantic to the more technical.

Cars, motorcycles, bicycles and unique accessories, therefore, await us at the Winter Show, ready to give us elegance, fun and many emotions.


event name: Winter Salon - Cars and Motorcycles of the Past

date: Saturday January 31 and Sunday, February 1, 2015

place: Ferrara Fiere Congressi - Via della Fiera, 11 - Ferrara

organizing secretary: Marcelloeventi tel. 0425.074089 - fax 0425.090774 

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